As the calendar year winds down, there is the opportunity to reflect and appreciate the many things we are grateful for. Here at TFC, we are grounded in science, supported by research, and buoyed by the courageous work and leadership of our many partners worldwide. Science alone in not enough. It is the application of science that brings to life and creates the powerful outcomes for youth and families in need of intervention and treatment.


We at TFC want to send our warmest holiday wishes to each of you at this time of year. Know that the work you do with youth and families makes a difference and touches lives beyond people we will meet and see. We hope you have time to enjoy family and the warmth of the season.


As we begin 2023, we have a full slate of webinars to support our current TFCO teams and agencies. We begin the year with a training back in person in Eugene, and in February, a training in the southern hemisphere with our Australian colleagues. It has been necessary to provide services through technology at a distance, but it has not been sufficient. It is with intention and purpose that we excitedly return to in-person offerings to support agencies and TFCO teams providing community-based, culturally responsive services.


For over 30 years, TFC has provided consultation, coaching, and support to agencies delivering Treatment Foster Care Oregon. This is the core of our work; this will never change. Over the next year, we are going to provide support, from our vast implementation experience to five agencies in Oregon to build capacity to implement and sustain evidence-based models with an emphasis on TFCO.


TFC put in a proposal with Oregon Community Programs to individualize a TFCO team to serve LGBTQIA+ youth. This population, when in need of residential-level treatment, has been overrepresented and underserved. TFCO is uniquely matched to provide better services and homes where these youth can thrive. We feel challenged to meet this need and are hopeful to receive funding through a federal government request.


Building on our Treatment Foster Care Oregon core of research and implementation learnings, TFC is building a bridge through Oregon partners to introduce the use of the Parent Daily Report (PDR) Tool with non-clinical foster care populations.  It’s through innovation and committed business and State partnerships that TFC is able to begin sharing the vast knowledge about the power of PDR to track youth behavior change and support the lowering foster parent stress. 


Looking forward to our work together in 2023!



John Aarons, M.S. 

President, TFC Consultants, Inc.