Site Locations

Certified TFCO sites are operating throughout the world and additional developing sites are receiving implementation services.

TFCO offers two program options, each serving specific age groups. Both options have been subjected to rigorous scientific evaluations and found to be efficacious. The programs include:

• TFCO-A for adolescents (12-17 years)
• TFCO-C for middle childhood (7-11 years)

Current Site Locations

(Certified sites are identified, all others are receiving implementation services.)

TFCO for Adolescents (TFCO-A)

TFCO for Middle Childhood (TFCO-C)


Lindy and the Youth Horizons Team shared learning in New Zealand. An honor to be included and trusted!

TFCC leading the learning at a TFCO training.

TFCC leadership continuing the training and sharing knowledge.

TFCO President John Aarons sharing ideas with a Foster Carer and Program Manager from Ozchild in Queensland, Australia.

TFCO training in Eugene, OR.

The TFCO teams from Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties in Lansing, MI.