Site Locations

Currently, 17 certified TFCO sites are operating throughout the world, and an additional 17 developing sites are receiving implementation services.

TFCO offers three program options, each serving specific age groups. Each option has been subjected to rigorous scientific evaluations and found to be efficacious. The programs include:

TFCO-A for adolescents (12-17 years)
• TFCO-C for middle childhood (7-11 years)
• TFCO-P for preschool-aged children (3-6 years)

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Current Site Locations

(Certified sites are identified, all others are receiving implementation services.)
TFCO for Adolescents (TFCO-A)
    Australia, New South Wales – Oz Child
    Netherlands – Den Hague, Salvation Army – Certified
    New Zealand, Auckland – Youth Horizons Trust- Certified
    New Zealand, Hamilton – Youth Horizons Trust- Certified
    Norway, Drammen – NUBU – Certified
    Norway – Sandvika – NUBU – Certified
    Norway, Uniped – AS
    Sweden, Gothenburg – Humana
    Sweden – Hasselholm, SiS Undomshem – Certified
    Sweden – Linkoping, Humana
    Sweden – Lund, Humana – Certified
    Sweden, Skövde – Humana
    Sweden – Stockholm, Humana – Certified
    U.S. – Bakersfield, California, Kern BHRS – Certified
    U.S. – Orange, California – Orange County (2 teams) – Certified
    U.S. – New York City, New York – The New York Foundling (2 teams)
    U.S. – Eugene, Oregon – Oregon Community Programs (OCP) – Certified
  TFCO for Middle Childhood (TFCO-C)
    Australia, Victoria – Oz Child- Certified
    Australia, Queensland – Oz Child (2  teams)
    Australia, New South Wales – Oz Child
    United Kingdom – Bristol – Bristol City Council- Certified
    U.S. – Chicago, Illinois – Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (2 teams) Team 2- Certified
   U.S. – Rockford, Illinois – Lutheran Social Services of Illinois
   U.S. – Aurora, Illinois – Lutheran Social Services of Illinois- Certified
   U.S. – Lansing, Michigan – Community Mental Health Authority – CEI
   U.S. – Minneapolis, Minnesota – St. David’s Center- Certified
    U.S. – Eugene, Oregon – Oregon Community Programs (OCP) – (2 teams)            Certified
TFCO for Preschoolers (TFCO-P)
(There are no TFCO-P teams operating at this time.)