Supervisor of Clinical and Implementation Services

Trina McCartney, LCSW, assumed the role of Supervisor of Clinical and Implementation Services at TFC Consultants, Inc. at the end of August. Trina brings decades of experience in the TFCO model, guiding agencies to successfully implement and sustain TFCO. In addition to her work with the TFCO model, Trina is a trainer, coach, and group leader for OSLC Developments, Inc. There has not been a dull moment since Trina’s promotion, expanding opportunities to increase support for current teams, exploring partnerships with KEEP, and building capacity within TFC. This has included bringing on new consultants, a return to in-person services, and expanded support for foster parent recruitment. Keep an eye out for expanded webinar offerings including updates on training, support for team leaders, preparing for certification, and more!



As we return to in-person training, it provides us with the opportunity to incorporate lessons learned from our online delivery of the TFCO clinical training including use of video to share examples and comfort in technology to include those unable to attend in person. We are reviewing updating and retooling clinical manuals, expanding examples and increasing skill practice. Attendees will find an expanded portion on continuous quality improvement with an emphasis on creating a culture that supports quality assurance and fidelity monitoring as a part of each team member’s role. Training will be supported, beyond the clinical training and consultation, by webinar offerings tailored to specific needs and feedback from sites.


New Hires

TFC is excited to announce the return of Beth Klein, Kym Broten, and Beth Pinkerton. The TFC version of putting the band back together!

Beth Klein, soon to be known as Beth K., has a long history in the model, working both as a consultant with TFC and on the clinical side with Oregon Community Programs serving in multiple roles including therapist and team lead. Beth K. is currently living in Oregon City and juggling a private practice in addition to her consulting work with TFC. Beth K.’s location and expertise will position us well to support agencies as we expand into the greater Portland-metro area.

Kym Broten needs no introduction as she is a fixture in Lane County foster care through her work at Oregon Community Programs and as a long-time partner with TFC. Kym’s expertise in the model and her understanding of building agency capacity to support evidence-based models is invaluable as a consultant.  TFCO teams in consultation will benefit greatly from her creative and leadership mentoring.

Beth Pinkerton, soon to be known as Beth P., returns as a consultant to TFC, bringing her expertise in a number of roles in the TFCO model through her work at Oregon Community Programs. Beth P. will be supporting specialized projects that are getting started at TFC.  She will initially focus on utilizing the Parent Daily Report (PDR) checklist in use of generalized and specialized foster care outside of TFCO.  Her enthusiasm for the TFCO model is infectious and we are so fortunate to have her back on our team.


Visit from Humana

We are busy preparing for a visit from our network partners from the Scandinavian counties. Cissi and Anna from Humana will be joining us in-person in Eugene at our home office October 24th-26th. We are celebrating 23 years of TFCO partnership! Much of the time will be filled with model review, coding training, and details necessary as Humana expands to include the TFCO-C model. Please feel free to join us during our social hour and welcome on Monday, October 24th, from 11am-12pm in the TFC conference room.


Shout Out

Want to acknowledge and share thanks for our incredible team of consultants. Lindy Ross, Carly Veith, and John Peterson are proving outstanding consultation support to multiple TFCO teams currently involved in implementing the TFCO model.  Their dedication, effort, and steadfast professionalism are appreciated and deeply valued.  Thank you for your openness to think outside the box, welcoming new members to our team, and always bringing the fun to everything TFCO.  Thank you!

None of the changes and ongoing transformation of TFC Consultants, Inc could be done without the extraordinary work and diligence of Lynise Kjolberg, Jordan Callahan, and Theresa Mayne. You three are the backbone of TFC.  Rock stars!  You are appreciated!