Hello TFCO Family,

I am pleased to announce the launch of our new website for Treatment Foster Care Oregon.  The web address hasn’t changed, you will still find us at www.tfcoregon.com; however, there is a new platform to support the updated content, pages, and links to affiliates and resources.  Please take a few minutes and have a look around, explore some of the new pages, links, and connections to our affiliate models.  We have reviewed and edited internally and welcome any suggestions or edits as you explore.  One of the many advantages of the updates is the ability to add press features, current information, and links to agencies and TFCO Teams as they post for staff, recruit foster parents, and share information and outcomes.  There continues to be the most recent articles and research, our training calendar, and ways to contact us.  We are pleased to add the foster parent page to share information to support foster parent recruitment, interviews, and feedback from our TFCO Foster Parents, and more.  I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shoutout to our web designer, Zach, at Wagon Wheel Web Development.  You can reach him via his website, https://wagonwheelweb.com/. Without Zach, Mike, the IT Team at OSLC, and Jordan and Lynise from TFC we would still be looking for solutions.  The next step is your review and feedback so we can continue to improve this resource.  

We are pleased to welcome Jordan as TFCO’s office coordinator. Although new to TFCO, we already find Jordan to be a great match and one of her superpowers is the mastery of social media. Jordan has begun to reach out to various TFCO team members worldwide for “TFCO Spotlights.” These posts share a bit about the people who make this model work and can be found on our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/TFCOregon. Jordan is always in need of more volunteers for these spotlights so, if you or someone you know may be willing, please email her at jordanc@tfcoregon.com! Additionally, on our new website, there will be a “Get to Know Our Staff” page which we plan to update monthly, highlighting individuals in TFCO.

You will also find the “President’s Corner” page where I will share news and updates about the goings on about TFCO.  My hope is to update this information every month to keep people informed of updates and opportunities.  I want to invite you to share updates, outcomes, and any news about TFCO in your agency.  We love to share ideas, outcome data, and all things TFCO!

Speaking of technology, we have continued to make updates to our web-based server, FOCUS.  Over the last two years we have added the ability to upload digital recordings, call guides, and other materials that, ideally, simplify coaching preparation for team leaders and improves access and storage for our consultants.  We continue to make updates so that FOCUS meets the needs of our teams and supports quality assurance, continuous quality improvement, and fidelity monitoring.  In addition to uploads, we have added a resource page and increased options for reports.  Please share with Rena and the consultants any “wish list” items.  This will help guide us as we continue to improve FOCUS as a resource.

Over the past year we have worked with our research partners at Oregon Social Learning Center to apply the Parent Daily Report, a validated tool used in TFCO for over 30 years, for application with the generalized foster population.  The PDR Survey Tool can now be utilized to track unwanted behaviors and the associated stress, both factors in placement disruption, as a tool for caseworkers and supervisors in the generalized foster care space.  The sites currently using the PDR Survey Tool, and when tested, are initiating calls twice weekly to assist in gathering information to better assess the intervention level, insight into how the placement is fairing, and case planning.  The PDR Survey Tool can be delivered by phone or text.  Please find this additional information: PDR Survey Tool Flyer.  And, of course, contact us if you would like more information.

Lastly, we are expanding our webinar series and pleased to announce two upcoming webinars. How the TFCO Model Addresses Trauma:including an examination of model aspects that support trauma informed (creating an environment that is responsive and considerate of trauma) and trauma specific (prioritizing tools, skills, and strategies to equip and empower youth and their families to be more successful in managing or avoiding situations that may be traumatic). The other is TFCO Skills Coaching; this webinar will provide practical examples and opportunities to learn and practice modeling and teaching skills to improve success in daily functioning.  Expect to see a flyer soon for both these webinar opportunities.

As always, we at TFC, value and appreciate all you do.